2018 NIHOW迎來韓國近期備受韓國演藝界追捧的新銳眼鏡潮流品牌RIETI





1. 每款眼鏡由眼鏡專業工匠100%手工製作

2. 眼鏡確定均經過3000+次臉型佩戴測試,符合大部分亞洲人臉型

3. RIETI必須符合自己給自己後天再造的臉面的水準

2018 NIHOW welcomes Korea's recent eyewear brand RIETI,

which is highly sought after by the Korean performing arts industry.

The design language is versed in the essence of European classical culture and can flexibly blend European classical culture with modern Asian modern trends.

RIETI has always adhered to the professionalism of simple fashion items,

and each eyewear maintains the brand concept of RIETI:

1. Each pair of glasses is hand-made by glasses professional craftsman 100%

2. each eyeglass is determined by 3000+ face-type wearing test, in line with most Asian face types

3. RIETI must meet the level of the face that you recreate yourself